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Famous games, related to drinking alcohol, across the globe

Drinking games are fun when alcohol and friends are together, it is the ultimate recipe for an exciting house party. Next time when you are hosting a bachelorette or a house party for your friends introduces these games. Usually, house parties are the best occasions for drinking games as the booze is sourced at less cost from a local liquor shop. Lol

1. Goon of fortune: This game is invented in Australia and is best played with beer. In these games, a wine bag is filled with beer and clipped to an arm of a rotating clothing line using a clothespin. All the players sit or stand along the perimeter of the clothing line and one player spins it. The player near the spinning bag of wine stops must take a sip. This game is filled until all the beer in the wine bag is exhausted.

2. Beer Marathon: This is for those people who can have a drink and run a few miles. Set a start and stop line, ask two players to stand at the starting line with a case of beer. The one to cross the finish line first after drinking all the beers in the case wins. Which means they must drink while they run.

3. Bear paw: Let us tell you one thing, do not attempt this game, but if you are curious to know the rules, here you go: all the players sit in a circle, a mug filled with beer is passed, while music is being played. When the music stops, the player holding the mug must take a sip and top it with Smirnoff vodka and pass on the mug. This will continue until the whole mug is filled with vodka. The person who gets a chance to drink at the end of the game might get intoxicated.

Enjoy the games with your friends and alcohol along with.

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Lazy and awkward drinking habits one must avoid

It takes great effort and dedication to making a perfect cocktail. One cannot be lazy and expect the cocktail to come out perfect. While all the bartenders are skillful, there are certain lazy habits that can ruin a perfect drink.

Next time when you are at a bar or pub nearby, and ordering a cocktail featuring Johnny Walker or Smirnoff vodka then look out if the bartender has any of these lazy habits. Or maybe you, yourself might have some of these.

1. Never finger stir you're (or your guests drink), you never know how many germs your hand might have and sticking it in a drink is not what anyone would like. Any bar tool is better than your finger.

2. Do not be lazy and order only one drink all the time, if you like a certain cocktail, then source the ingredients and make one for yourself at home. But when you are out at a pub, scan through the menu and order something new.

3. Your bartender might be skillful as well as know his cocktails like the palm of his hands, but if he is using low-quality ice then his cocktails will always turn out mediocre. So, never be lazy with ice. Spend some time and make your own ice.

4. There is a reason why some drinks are stirred, and some are shaken. Do not be lazy and make half shaken cocktails or skip the shaking part entirely. For example, cocktails containing cream, egg, and citrus need a good and hard shake and if you stir such cocktails then your guests will end up with half mixed, frothy unbalanced cocktails.

5. Certain cocktails need stirring or shaking for some time, do not be lazy and leave it midway. Sometimes the aeration created while shaking will help mix the ingredients and bring out the flavor if the cocktail.

To have proper habits is the core of having things up to the mark, whether it be going to a pub or having a drink at one!

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