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Foods & Beverages which can help to cure the hangover!

Sometimes you wake up realizing the mistake done last night by you. Mistake! Yes, you read it right!

The mistake may be the fifth cocktail you or the high-gravity Stout or the heavy hard drink in access. Whatever the culprit is, one’s head would be pounding and stomach off-kilter. It’s all about the hangover. The hangover, ideally, is one’s body’s reaction when one has too much of alcohol. The basic symptoms do include fatigue, nausea, severe headache, sensitivity to light, dehydration, and kind of dizziness and that might lasts for several hours the next day; and as mentioned due to the last night alcohol in access.

Let’s look at the food items that might help people to manage the hangover and reduce the effects of the hangover or rather say alleviate the symptoms.

  • Bananas: Alcohol blocks the production of a hormone that helps the body hold on the water for the body which leads to dehydration and loss of potassium. Rich in potassium, banana help to replenish body’s stores which get affected due to excessive alcohol.

  • Soups: A bowl full of either tomato soup or coriander soup might do the trick! It can help replenish sodium and water levels of the body.

  • Carbs:  Carbs rich foods should be consumed like sandwiches, pasta, bread in some form should be consumed as it supplies sodium and electrolytes.

  • Water-rich foods: Watermelon, Oranges,  Coconuts, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, etc should be consumed in order to get rid of the problem of dehydration. 

  • Honey: Honey and honey-rich products or dishes should be consumed which will high-up the fructose content. Fructose helps the body to get rid of alcohol more quickly.

  • Coffee: Coffee may be beneficial to beat the hangover by reducing the hangover fatigue and making one alert. Though there is mix opinion for coffee to be included as the hangover reducing beverage.

  • Eggs: Eggs are a brunch all-star to consume as they are full of Vitamin B12 and amino acids.

Other food items include Green Tea, Ginger, Avocado, Nuts, Spinach, Pickles, etc and how can we forget the best of all time – plain lemon water with a pinch of salt.

There is no magical cure for beating up the hangover as such, but the above-mentioned food n beverages might help to feel better after a heavy and excessive boozy night.

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Drinking alone at a Pub – it’s significance, tips and what one should have!

Alcohol! Yeah, the seven letter word is enough to make a boozer happy and make him feel great when it comes to enjoying it. There are a lot of alcoholic beverages available in the market and tough to choose as to which one to go for, when with a group of friends. But it’s even tougher to go and drink alone and to choose what he/she should consume. Generally, when we envision going out, it's to have fun with friends or meet up with colleagues and always been accompanied by other people.

It is rightly said that you laugh, and the world will laugh with you. You weep and no one weeps with you but when it comes to drinking the alcohol alone; the whole world assumes that you must be weeping and judge you for not having anyone along-with to accompany you for boozing around. People are uneasy with the idea of independence amongst the crowd for someone who drinks alone. But that’s nothing in front of the comfort zone that the individual feels while sipping a drink with himself/herself.

There are a lot many alcoholic beverages which one can have when alone in a pub or a bar, enjoying oneself. The only thumb rule or a decent way is to consume alcohol in one’s capacity or rather say in limits. Let’s walk through few best alcoholic beverages which can be consumed when alone at a pub (as such one can have anything, he/she wants, no restrictions as such ha-ha):

  • Craft Beers.

  • Classic Cocktails.

  • Vodka 

  • Whiskey

Few tips to keep in mind while enjoying alone at pubs/bars:

  • Earlier the day, easier it is drunk alone.

  • Less the crowd, easier it is to enjoy the drink in solitude.

  • Never to attract negative attention.

  • Don’t act like you are waiting for someone. Relax. Chillax. Enjoy.

  • Don’t drink too much. Enjoy but in your capacity.

Let it be very clear: It's completely fine. It's great. It can be one of the best bar-going experiences of your life!

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